itNETZ: The Integrative and Translational Network-Based Cellular Signature Analyzer

CellIA  —  Cellular Image Analyzer

CellIA, a matlab-based software, consists of four major components: nuclei segmentation, cell segmentation, cell tracking, and 3D medical image reconstruction.
In the cell segmentation component, the cells or nuclei are detected and segmented. And actins can be segmented accordingly. The features of the segmented cells are extracted. Specifically, each cell/nuclei is represented by a certain dimension feature vector. Then the feature of cells can be stored and used to be classified by user's self-defined classifiers.
In the cell tracking component, two tracking methods are presented for different purposes. The first purpose is to track cells in a series of time slice images. The second purpose is to track cells in a video. Cells, especially blood cells, moving in blood vessels can be tracked and their movement trajectories are recorded for velocity and viscosity analysis of blood vessels.
In the 3D reconstruction of medical image component, the medical images, such as organ images, tumor images, and blood vessel images are reconstructed.

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CellIA interface