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PDB-2-PB[1] is a curated online Protein Block (PB) sequence database. Here, we encoded and provide the PB sequences for all the protein structures available in PDB using de Brevern[2], encoding procedure. From our PDB-2-PB, users can extract the PB sequences along with their corresponding information as follows; (i) amino acid sequence, (ii) chain length, (iii) sequence start and end positions, (iv) resolution (only for X-ray solved entries), (v) experimental method used, and (vi) dihedral angles (φ and ψ), which we used to assign PB letters.

Description of PB. Details for PB letters a to p, are available here. For more details about PBs, click here

Statistics. Detailed statistics for all the versions of PDB-2-PB is available here.

A sample PDB-2-PB record. To view a sample record from our PDB-2-PB, click here.

Extracting the PB sequence from PDB-2-PB.

Mirror Site. Mirror Site for our PDB-2-PB is also available here.

Applications. Protein block sequences have many applications in protein structure analysis[3]. Our PB based protein fold recognition server PredictFold-PB[4] can also accessible here.


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