RPI-Pred [1] is a RNA-protein interaction prediction server based on Support Vector Machine (SVM). The RPI-Pred uses primary sequence and predicted structural fragments information of given protein and RNA. The RPI-Pred perform interaction prediction for two different cases; (1) Single RNA with multiple protein entries and (2) Multiple RNA entries with single protein. Usage of RPI-Pred is user friendly, users are requested to submit "one or multiple RNA sequence in fasta format" and upload "one or multiple, predicted protein block information in single file". The final outcome of RPI-Pred shows, whether given RNAs and proteins can possibly interact or not.

Click here to use RPI-Pred server. - To perform interaction prediction

Click here to get the supplementary data used in methodlogy. - To extract different datasets used in methodology.[1]

Click here for sample input files. - RNA sequences, predicted PB information for single and multiple entries


[1]   Suresh V, Liu L, Adjeroh D, Zhou X: RPI-Pred: Predicting ncRNA-protein interaction using sequence and structural information. Accepted in Nucleic Acid Research. 2015

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